Effective Interviews: How to Bring Out the Best in Potential Candidates

3 min readJan 25, 2021


Around 34% of chief financial officers (CFOs) report that the wrong hires can result in a significant loss of productivity in the workplace. Additionally, managers and supervisors also spend approximately 17% of their time engaged in supervising these employees who often do not perform up to the expected standard.

This just goes to show that a flawed recruitment process can cost you both, in time as well as money. So how do you improve your hiring process and ensure that you make the best possible decisions for your company?

The answer: Thorough Technical Interviews (TTIs).

Let’s take a deeper look at what these are and how you can use Thorough Technical Interviews to effectively hire new and best-qualified candidates for relevant positions within your software company.

What Are Thorough Technical Interviews?

Thorough Technical Interviews are where technology & methodology streamline the virtual interviewing process for businesses. These interviews are carried out by our experienced and skilled empanelled interviewers who are well-versed in the hiring practices necessary to get the best out of every potential candidate interviewed for the job.

Consistency Across the Board

Thorough Technical Interviews ensure that there is consistency and uniformity across your recruitment process through a rigorous and comprehensive technical assessment. Every one of your candidates goes through a similar interview experience, where they are each evaluated on metrics that matter to you and your business.

Structure Saves Time

Thorough Technical Interviews are all about following a predetermined, evidence-based structure. As a business, you are well-aware of the qualities you desire in a potential candidate for a given role. Our interviewers take into consideration all these relevant competencies, areas of expertise, and qualities that need evaluation during a technical interview to meticulously devise a set interview structure and questions that allow them to evaluate candidates extensively on the basis of these metrics.

An Inclusive Space

Majority groups are 2.5 times more likely to be hired than their minority counterparts. These discrepancies arise due to the inherent biases present within the hiring processes followed by most companies.The uniformity and structure within a Thorough Technical Interview format allow for interviewers to eliminate and minimise these biases during the hiring process. This gives candidates the satisfaction of knowing that they’re evaluated on a level playing field. Additionally, it also gives you to access the most qualified, diverse candidates without the fear of discrimination during the interviewing process.

Improving Overall Efficiency

Did you know that the average interview lasts around forty minutes? This means, the more time your engineers spend interviewing potential candidates, the less time they have to code or develop new software. A streamlined process allows your current employees to maximise productivity and use their time to do what they do best.

Data Matters

One of the biggest merits of incorporating a system of technical interviews into your hiring process is the access to interview analytics and data. These insights allow you to pursue a consistent trajectory of improvement to ensure that your hiring process is always updated in accordance with relevant interview trends.

Technical Interviews Done Right

Thorough Technical Interviews are undoubtedly the way forward. Not only do they guarantee consistency, fairness, and valuable insights, but they also help tech companies maximise their resources in the long-run.

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